Today’s Political Rage

It is hard to separate Buddhism from politics. The Buddha himself, spoke to many Kings and Emperors about how to treat their subjects. This can be found in the Sojalovada Sutra and Way of Sovereign Sutra.

The irrational behavior of Social Justice Warriors is entrench in the poisonous mind of hate.

“It is a mans mind, not his enemy, that leads him to evil ways.”

Social Justice Warriors are very irrational and cause conflict. One can feel anger toward another or yourself. Your anger can be justified or unjustified. If your anger is justified, you’ve got two possibilities: You can either do something about it, or you can’t. Therefore, there’s no cause for melodrama, which simply multiplies your suffering. You can act to right the wrong that provoked your anger, but if you can’t, you can still speak your truth.

Rather than judging yourself for being angry, be interested in how you might skillfully use it to motivate yourself or others. Anger is simply energy, and it is your response to that energy that causes harm. So you’re trying to find a wholesome way to use the energy that surges through you when you are angry. If you can dis-identify with the anger, it can give you the courage to take action. Sometimes there’s a tendency to simply let it go, but you can use your anger to overcome your own resistance and then skillfully deal with a person or situation. For example, you might use the anger to overcome your fear of something.

A Bodhisattva’s wisdom comes from harmony. They effortlessly act by being in the world, free from biases. In doing so, they liberate themselves from suffering and act as a beacon to others seeking the same.

Yet SJW are very conflicting, Labeling people, calling people names, making delusional comments that are irrational.

Rather than cohesiveness as a productive force, they seek to alienate their allies. Rather than build a a meaning movement for positive change, they practice violence, and attack people who disagree.

SJWs simply believe what they want and reject or ignore incontrovertible facts that contradict their world view. They operate on misguided emotion and hatred while claiming to be tolerant and of superior intellect, never thinking its imperative to back up their claims with actual evidence. Never wavering in their belief of being morally superior.

Each and every one of them think of themselves as important crusaders for justice and firmly believe they are going to change the world by making it a better place. They dream of a utopian future they can bring about. If history is indeed written by the victors, why would SJWs not believe they will be “on the right side of history” when they are confident they will be the ones writing it.

SJWs are most comfortable in a friendly echo chamber. They do not want their theories to be tested. They do not wish to engage in honest debate. They cannot handle or even tolerate the free expression of ideas. They are perfectly happy lecturing others and forcing obedience through ruthless coercion. SJWs spend their time worrying about “microaggressions” instead of their own major aggression’s against a formerly sane society.

Delusional thinking is when the mind is clouded with all kinds of negative karma.
The mind swims with erroneous thoughts that detract from enlightenment. What the remedy for this is Namo Amida Butsu. These people are already foolish and ignorant.

Amida Buddha can save these people because they are already retched would and in horrible mental states that keep them in a lower world. By seeking Amida’s wisdom and compassion.

The peace of mind that is bestowed in Shinjin, allows the true Buddha Nature to allows us too become truly human. While these people are stuck in the animal realm, they must start treating fellow human beings as Sangha.

We can agree By “social action” we mean the many different kinds of action intended to benefit mankind. These range from simple individual acts of charity, teaching and training, organized kinds of service, “Right Livelihood” in and outside the helping professions, and through various kinds of community development as well as to political activity in working for a better society.

About Tino Rozzo

Politician-Philosopher. Has several Cookbooks published. Politician, ran for office many times since 2000. Leader American Labor Party and Living Universal Basic Income. Phd in Philosophy Buddhist Studies.
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