Extremism, Amida, and Harmony

Buddhism envisions a transformation or sense of liberation in the way people feel themselves and the world around them. We feel lonely, or separate, locked up in our skin, and alienated from the world. But in Buddhism, one is supposed to realize they do not have a separate self, or fixed self, or ego. When people think they have a permanent and eternal self, Buddha taught the other extreme doctrine, there is no fixed self or ego. But there is always The Middle Way.

Buddhism frowns on ignorance. Ignorance is similar to delusion but with subtle differences.In order to find the difference between delusion and ignorance i will first provide a definition for ‘delusion’.

Delusion is the erroneous view of human beings. Comparing this definition with ‘ignorance’ in the buddhist context,delusion is a view based on ignorance. Delusion is similar to wrong view and ignorance is the not knowing itself.

Today’s politics is caught in extremism. The Left and Right are entrenched in narcissism, stupidity (using stupid inane phrases.) Hate, and greed on the Right, Conceit and hostility on the left. Politicians do not practice the wisdom and compassion to enact policies with out expedience and convenience.

We have to understand the fundamentals of Buddhism. Because in Buddhism every living beings is equal. Therefore, you are equally as precious as any one of different races. Buddhism also sustains, not only equality, but treating everyone and everything with kindness and compassion. Above all, people are human beings needed to experience human life.

In our minds, the Amida Buddha tells us, that the intolerance and lack of compassion in the Trump administration causes pains and suffering to many. His administration emraces greed, hate, and ignorance make him the least qualified of the Presidents.
Trump embraces the Saha World.

The extremist mind is is dizzy one with no peace and harmony that settles the mind into one of wisdom compassion and peace. The extremist mind is angry, delusional, reactionary, the cause of pain and suffering. The extremist mind is like that of a wild elephant on a rampage.

Namo Amida Butsu and the Wisdom and Compassion of the Buddha resolves in our minds the right path. Right Mindfulness, away from the attached mind, gives freedom of the mind to act properly. Also, to do the things that are correct and just (justice).

Each human being exists within the context of interrelationships that include other human beings, all living beings and the natural world. In other words, each person is sustained by the interdependent web of life. By awakening to this principle we are able to expand instinctive self-love into an altruistic love for others; we are able to nurture the spirit of tolerance and empathy for others.

It is, after all, individual human beings who alone can work toward the realization of the grand goals of world peace and the prosperity of human society. The dimension of social peace, or peace in the world of humankind, People must realize their interrelatedness and stop the bitterness, resentment, and disharmony of the past.

The human race is not quite human at times and the struggles of ordinary people have no value in governments or extremists. At the same time, it also means a compassionate way of life, of being ready to make those efforts required to ensure that the citizens of developing countries can have their basic needs fulfilled. In connection with human rights, we recognize the existence of the supreme life-condition that of Buddha nature of all people, and therefore insist that all members of the human family are without distinction capable of manifesting that condition of unlimited wisdom and compassion. Buddhism’s unique contribution to the resolution of culturally based conflicts is related to the teaching of “dependent origination”

In resolving the global challenges confronting humanity, political, economic and scientific measures must be pursued together with a transformation of human consciousness. We should establish a lifestyle of conserving energy, recycling resources and pursuing spiritual values. Our overarching goal should be to cultivate a shared awareness of our common humanity and of solidarity with the living organism that is Earth. As we move toward that awareness, we must develop the wisdom to properly direct toward beneficial ends of the life sciences, including the burgeoning field of genetic engineering. In this, I feel that the outlook of the world’s religious and ethical traditions can and must make an important contribution.

The mind of harmony and equality resides in Nembutsu and receiving the merit of Amida’s wisdom and compassion to transform the world.


About Tino Rozzo

Politician-Philosopher. Has several Cookbooks published. Politician, ran for office many times since 2000. Leader American Labor Party and Living Universal Basic Income. Phd in Philosophy Buddhist Studies.
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