MAPPO: A Understanding

I am going to attempt to explain Mappo, as I understand the way Honen described it in the Senjaku. MAPPO has nothing to do with time periods in real time world issue. Shinran stated that MAPPO is more of a person experience.

Let us look at the four elements of Mappo:

1. Meitreya Buddha and Tasita Heaven. Maitreya (Sanskrit), Metteyya (Pali), is regarded as a future Buddha of this world in Buddhist eschatology. In some Buddhist literature, such as the Amitabha Sutra and the Lotus Sutra, he is referred to as Ajita. He is the future Buddha to appear in this world.
In the Larger Suthavati Sutra it says, “before one enters the Pure Land one come face to face with Buddha”
Since the Bodhisattva is the future Buddha, the face to face is our enlightenment, our Buddha project of our enlightenment that is about to be realized.
Will lose their doubts, and the torrents of their cravings will be cut off: free from all misery they will manage to cross the ocean of becoming; and, as a result of Maitreya’s teachings, they will lead a awakening.

Losing our doubts, Shinjin-True Faith. In Mahayana Buddhism, Buddhas preside over pure lands, such as Amitābha over Sukhavati. Once Maitreya becomes a buddha, he will rule over the Ketumati pure land, an earthly paradise.

B. Pure Land Buddhism in China and Japan believe we are now in this latter age of “degenerate Dharma”. Pure Land followers therefore attempt to attain rebirth into the pure land of Amitābha, where they can practice the Dharma more readily. Semblence Dharma, degenerate Age, does not refer to a time period. when a person exhausts their Dharma Practice, and realize that their path is not what they venture, the difficult paths previous, one realizes the path toward Shinjin, and the Nembustu becomes the true and real way to the Pure Land. Sundry Practices are abandoned in ones life to realize, the way.

C. The Lights of Amidas mind becomes one. The awakening of faith emanates various lights of the Amida mind in the ten directions, even the mind of Wisdom and Compassion become one in the mind of True Faith. The oneness is the light of the Buddha Mind as it has reached enlightenment. All Pure Lands and Dharmas are a process of Merit transference completed in the Karmic Nature of our Buddha Store House of True Buddha Dharma obtaining the True Buddha Mind.

D. Abandoninging Sundry and provisional practice for the true practice of Nembutsu. The Path of Sages (Jeriki) for The Average person cannot be obtained, thusly the average person, as a Buddhist practitioner fund the Path of Nembutsu. (Teriki)

From The Larger Sukhavati Sutra: Those Bodhisattvas, O Ajita, who, living in other Buddha countries, entertain doubt about being born in the world Sukhavati, and with that thought amass a stock of merit, for them there is the dwelling within the calyx. Those, on the contrary, who are filled with faith, and being free from doubt, amass a stock of merit in order to be born in the world Sukhavati, and conceive, believe, and trust in the perfect knowledge of the blessed Buddhas, they, being born miraculously, appear sitting cross-legged in the flowers of the lotus. And those noble-minded Bodhisattvas,

From the Larger Sutrahavti Sutra: ‘Thus, O Ajita, it is with those Bodhisattvas who, having fallen into doubt, amass a stock of merit, but doubt the knowledge of Buddha. They are born in that world Sukhavati, through the hearing of Buddha’s name, and through the serenity of thought only; they do not, however, appear sitting cross-legged in the flowers of the lotus, being born miraculously, but dwell only in the calyx of the lotus-flowers.

From The Smaller Sukhavati Sutra: ‘Then again all beings. O Sariputra, ought to make fervent prayer for that Buddha country and Why? Because they come together there with such excellent men. Beings are not born in that Buddha country of the Tathagata Amitayus as a reward and result of good works performed in this present life.

From The Smaller Sukhavati Sutra: ‘This is even for me, O Sariputra, an extremely difficult work that, having obtained the transcendent true knowledge in this world Saha, I taught the Law which all the world is reluctant to accept, during the corruption of mankind, of belief, of passion, of life, and of this present kalpa.

In a historic age where people themselves chooses to remain ignorant, it is possible to change ourselves with the Nambutsu Practice.


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