Nembutsu of Faith

The Nembutsu is not a prayer. It is chanted in all Jodo Shin Shu and Jodo Shu Temples. The Nembutsu-Namo Amida Butsu is not a practice but in Buddhism, it shows mindfulness of the Buddha and future achievement of spiritual awakening; also, Pure Land Buddhism and its practice and expression and reminder of faith. The true Nembutsu takes place upon receiving faith..
Shinran taught his followers that the nembutsu should be said as a form of gratitude rather than a way of achieving rebirth in the Pure Land. Faith in Amida Buddha would lead to a true faith, called shinjin, which severs the practitioner forever from birth and death in the world of samsara, and transends karma accumulated through many rebirths. Shinran taught that the advantage of the Path of the Nembutsu can be experienced here and now. This was summed up by Shinran in the four Chinese characters of “Heizei Gojo” which means “Complete the Great Task while alive.” Shinran taught that the “Great Task,” or the purpose of human life, was to achieve salvation from Amida in this life. Without salvation by Amida in this life there could be no salvation after death, he taught. The arising of shinjin also assures the believer of birth in the Pure Land, and the attainment of enlightenment there. Entering the Pure Land one receives Buddha Citta-Buddha Mind. There is no separation of Pure Land and Nirvana. It is said, one obatians the Maitreya ideal and becomes a future Buddha. The Maitreya ideal is also founded in Myokonin, a truly wonderful person Shinjin (信心) was originally the Japanese word for the Buddhist concept of citta-prasāda (clear or clarified heart-mind), but now carries a more popular related meaning of faith or entrusting.
Whilst a general Japanese Buddhist term it is particularly associated with the Jodo Shinshu teaching of Shinran. In that context it refers to the awakening and settlement of the mind that is aware of the working of Amida Buddha’s Primal Vow, and the assurance of birth in the Pure Land at death: In Notes on ‘Essentials of Faith Alone’ Shinran writes “Know that the true essence of the Pure Land teaching is that when we realize true and real shinjin, we are born in the true fulfilled land.”
Shinjin is received by the practitioner from Amida Buddha. In the enlightenment. This process by the ordinary person is not experienced by ordinary people. The term is Fukasetsu: Indescribable, Inconceivable.
It would be like trying to experience Japan with out going there. One obtained the Buddha Mind we have transformed. If we become Buddhas-enlightened beings, nothing changes about our past. We are who we where.
But placing our faith in Amida Buddha (equivalence of wisdom and compassion) We transform. We realize the world of everyday suchness
Seeing the world as it truly is, as it actually exists. The Birthlessness means we have become as our original nature. Pure of mind, sincere in heart with the real and true mind of the Buddha.


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