Queen Vaidehi’s Enlightenment

Queen Vaidehi is the protagonist of the “Eternal Meditation Sutra of the Buddha of Infinite Light” Or the ’Infinite Light Sutra”

As the Sutra goes, King Avajasatru was angry with his parents, usurped the throne and placed them in prison. He was angry with the for The Buddha’s cousin, Devadatta, told him they tried to kill him as a child.

His father, the King died in prison, though Vaidehi tried to help him, than Avajasatru found out, and she went to prison.

The Buddha, Guatama Siddartha visited her in prison. He spoke to her and told her about the Amida Buddha and his attributes. Thusly, with true faith Vaidehi through Amida’s benefit, and True Faith gained enlightenment.

Lets look at this process. Some think that The Buddha enlightened the Queen with the transfer of his merit. Actually, The Buddha probably saw the potential with in her to begin with.

In other word, through the Queens own Karmic Actions through out her life she probably showed much discipline and convictions in Faith, that she was able to receive the benefit of Amida Buddha’s transferences of merit. Upon he True Faith, the Buddha displayed to her the right Dharma and she became aware of her potential for enlightenment. This would not be any different than the very description of attainment in the Lankavatara Sutra.

Karmically, Vaidehei fulfilled all the actions that made her enlightenment possible.

Just as a virtuoso violinist can tell another virtuoso violinist, Gautama Siddhartha, The Buddha, made her aware of her potential and through her realization of True Faith she fulfilled her potential.

If The Queen where a person who was mean and massacred people who disagreed with her, this would be impossible.

If the Queen where a person who was a tyrant and dictator, perhaps even disloyal to her subjects, she would not be able to obtain this rebirth into the Pure Land..

So, what she did, was blow off the dust of clarity and True Faith was reborn.

The cause and conditions of the Queens life was easily seen by the Buddha, he just flashed a light into the darkness.

Even if she where lowly and had much bad Karma, the Buddha loves all unconditionally and maybe there could be change.

So she filled all the conditions, In the Infinite Life Sutra, there are three conditions for enlightenment. It is more complicated than what I will right.

1. She was filial with her parents, respectful of elders and others.

2. Had great knowledge of Dharmic principals and applied and practiced them.

3. Showed great compassion , and had a proper and dignified manner.

Her ‘No doubt Mind” made shure she was grasped never to be abandoned, thusly she had a “Settled Mind.”

Her natural ability for Wisdom and Compassion was there. And her True Faith brought her too fruition. Here th eighteenth Vow was fulfilled, and another Buddha was born.

The Buddha later saved prince Ajatasatru when he fell ill about what he had done to his parents. Queen Vaidehi was pardoned and Prince Ajatasatru went on to be a wiser King.

The Nembutsu Faith became real to Vaidehi because of her true entrusting of the Amida Buddha and the attributes of the Pure Land.




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