Mr. Na Sutra ( A Won Approach #1)

Mr. Na  Sutra

There are many who may disagree with the Pure Land way. Many cling to Self Powered ways.  The path of faith alone is legitimate.  People of inferior capacities can also reach Buddha-hood.

Here is an example. Mr. Na owns a grocery store. He is a Buddhist, but has no free time to practice. Unlike sages, who can go into monasteries or those with free time, Mr. Na has obligations. Mr. Na goes to temple on Sundays, and he reads everyone in a while from Buddha Dharma books. His life is not about books or practiced everyday.

But he realizes, Everyday Life is Buddha Dharma, Buddha Dharma is everyday Life.

Mr. Na does his best to be kind, affable, intelligent, and aware of sangha.

Since Mr. Na has Buddha Nature, and he is a man of faith, his only hope is the path of faith alone. He doesn’t think about becoming a Buddha, nor does he intentionally rationalize no philosophize his way through life.

Mr. Na knows many people of much variety; he is in contact with people every day.

Since The Korean Master Sotaesan: Chung Bin Park said he guarantees’ all people can become Buddha’s, than Mr. Na is no exception.

Let us look at the Larger Sukhavati Sutra, the 18th Vow says, as proclaimed by Amida Buddha, that I cannot be saved unless I save all people. This is known as a Bodhisattva vow. A Bodhisattva in Mahayana gains enlightenment not for himself, but for the sake of humanity.

The kindness and compassion of the Bodhisattva is what Buddha’s do for the sake of Love and Kindness,   Mr. Na tends to humanity at his grocery store, yet he has many insights and knowledge because he is also in the world of Samara. He knows he cannot trust everyone, and that people around him live in lower realms. Because he is not naïve he knows the Karma of every individual because of his experiences in the mundane world.

Mr. Na maybe a natural meditator.  He maybe quite a natural at his experiences on the Buddha path because he is concerned with the world around him.

Mr. Na is not an intellectual nor student. He lives a in a world where he is in direct contact with everyday life. One day through faith alone, Mr. Na gains his enlightenment. He visits a sick friend, he sees poor people, he see’s people begging in the street, and he attends a funeral.

Mr. Na has a difficulty day one day and he is very disturbed about the events of the situation. It seems horrible people come into our lives and cause us grief at times. But as Mr. Na concentrates, he rids himself of anger, hate, and selfishness. He than realizes his enlightenment. Through diamond like faith he is grasped never to be abandoned, his mind becomes truly settled and he reaches the other shore of Nirvana, purifying his Buddha Mind, attaining his Buddha mind, yet not dwelling in Nirvana, he thusly returns to the mundane world to be part of humanity. He has Buddha Mind (Illuminated Consciousness) and becomes a Buddha.

Mr. Na also has good friends in Dharma. He speaks to a baker named Mike. Mike studies Buddha Dharma and frequently talks to Mr. Na. They both share a love for Buddha’s teaching. Of course there are other friends, Mr. Na knows that, even with out studying Sutras, or going to with out a self powered capacity, some people can touch the heart and core of Buddha Dharma  with out even being Buddhists. 

Mr. Na continues his life in the everyday world. The only differences is Mr. Na has Buddha Mind and through Diamond like faith, has taken the path of Naturalness to the Pure Land and has gained the transferences of merit of the Buddha (Amida Buddha) to become a Buddha in this life.

The Buddha Mind is illuminated and has many facets, radiating brightly and colorfully through each facet. The path of Sages is not for everyone.

Mr. Na notices an employee is having problems. As he notices this he speaks to the employee to know his mind. This employee has a disturbed mind. As Mr. Na knows his karma, he compassionate helps the employee to change his mind and to improve his life and to change for the better. Mr. Na points out the Buddha way.  One day the employee  realizes, during meditation, that his faith could melt away samara, and he becomes enlightened.  Mr. Na saw the man for what he was (karmically) transferred the merit of his enlightenment and help the Employee find his way. Even persons with inferior capacities like the employee can obtain Buddha. Buddha brings change, each person can change because of there Buddha Nature, and through diamond like faith alone, people can be lead to the Pure Land.


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Politician-Philosopher. Has several Cookbooks published. Politician, ran for office many times since 2000. Leader American Labor Party and Living Universal Basic Income. Phd in Philosophy Buddhist Studies.
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