Nirvana: What it Truly Is

Many people ask, what is Nirvana? One person once stated I went to Nirvana, met the Buddha, Became one, and I am back.
First. Nirvana is not a place. What Nirvana is exactly is the total Illumination of ones consciousness to experience reality just as it is, as it really is. Nirvana is the exalted state of Enlightenment . This means the Buddha Mind (Buddha Citta) Is illumined to the facts and principals of the world. It is said that the state of Nirvana is bliss or joy. No, that is not correct.

The Mind of Compassion.
The definition is: wanting others to be free from suffering.
This compassion happens when one empathizes with someone, and one feels an urge to help. In the Lotus Sutra the Kwan Yin (kwon-um (kr)/Kwannon (jpn)
Bodhisattva save everyone
The Mind of Joy:
The definition is: being happy with someone’s fortune/happiness. Sympathetic joy here refers to the potential of bliss and happiness of all sentient beings, as they can all become Buddha’s. There are many joys. Joy of love, sangha, world. Gratitude for much.
Mind of Equality:
The definition is: not to distinguish between friend, enemy or stranger, but regard every sentient being as equal. It is a clear-minded tranquil state of mind – not being overpowered by delusions, mental dullness or agitation.
The Mind of Love :
The definition of love in Buddhism is: wanting others to be happy.
This love is unconditional and it requires a lot of courage and acceptance. This is opposite of attachment, such as hate for enemies, and unhealthy cupidity, and more.

The Buddhist state of Nirvana is a Dharma realm (not heavan), to the average person it is indescribable, only to be experienced, and unknowable to those who have obtained Buddha. Buddha is nota god, nor omnipotent being. It is us as we have obtained Enlightenment. Eastern Enlightenment.
The Vietnamese say, it is as rare as a Diamond on a Rabbits head, yet it is also said that there are as many Buddha’s as there are on the River Ganges. Each and every one of us is a Bodhisattva with the potential for enlightenment. Only when our Wisdom and compassion become equal and infinite, thusly we arrive to Nirvana and come back to the mundane world for th sake of humanity.

We are all Bodhisattva with Buddha Nature. We all have th seeds of Enlightenment. In some Buddhist Sutras there are stories of Buddhists who became enlightened after certain catalysts have come into their lives. This catalyst allowed them to gain the inspiration and true faith to attain Buddha. In the Tannisho Shinran teaches there are no big Buddha’s or small Buddha’s, that he and Honen’s enlightenment would be just the same.
Difficult is it to hear the words, now we are haering them. Difficult is it to read the words, now we are reading them. Hard is it to be born into human life, now we are living it.


About Tino Rozzo

Politician-Philosopher. Has several Cookbooks published. Politician, ran for office many times since 2000. Leader American Labor Party and Living Universal Basic Income. Phd in Philosophy Buddhist Studies.
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