Welcome to my new blog. The first things I wanted to discuss was Samsara. With out, how could we know true Buddhist enlightenment. We cannot have one with out the other. When the Buddha left his comfortable palace, we went out and discovered the world. He discovered the world was a very unpleasant place. No doubt he knew life was suffering through out his path. But we are on a path. And above all we cannot be naïve. Life is about survival. And that means serious matters that will take place. War, rape, crime, abuse, murder, cheating all happen everyday. Also some us trust people who would do this. There as a man who wanted to cheat on his wife. He found a women on the internet he thought was his love. He went to meet her. She seemed to be very spiritual and she spoke to him in a way that he trusted her to be a kind compassionate person. She was to a degree, but he didn’t count on her to be mentally ill. As they where making love, she sewed him into a sheet and beat him with a baseball bat. Even after warning not to do this, he went anyway. She was very convincing, he left his wife for the evening anyway and found this angle to be quite a devil. Just think of how many people where fooled by Rev Jim Jones and David Karesh. Even so, with out provocation, Shiela Chandra was innocently jogging in a Park and was raped and murdered. We are entrusting to complete strangers we don’t even realize that there is a world of Karma behind that person we are not even seeing. My friend Alan was a Buddhist, and he took on a girl friend. Alan had mental problems also. She thought Alan was nice and sweet at first, than he revealed himself. He was always losing his temper and his relationship fell apart because she neglected to see her for what she was even after warnings. She thought he was her best friend and soulmate. People walk into all kinds of life traps. I knew a woman who got married to a man with Post Traumatic Stress disorder. He hid who he was quite well. Than after the wedding, he changed. He became moody and pensive, and blamed he for everything. He was very confrontational. We as Buddhist must develop penetrating insight, because the world is a dangerous place. The Lotus Sutra says the world is on fire. The World is afire with Blind passions, war, strife, poverty, abuse, and atrocities. The world operates on the blindness of Samsara. We our selves can help to eliminate our sufferings by not walking into traps and opening our eyes. We may all love people, but people will not love us back. Some people may hurt us mentally, emotionally, physically, and other ways. We must protect ourselves. Even the Buddha in his life warded off many assignation attempts because he could see through people. In one Sutra, Amanda asked the Buddha why people are the way they are? Because people cling to ignorance, they will not open their eyes, are too entrusting and fooled by others and false Buddhas. These people are very good at fooling people and people think they know and truly do not. To be real and see is difficult even for the best and most spiritual. Do not take unnecessary risks with your life. Suffering will incur.


About Tino Rozzo

Politician-Philosopher. Has several Cookbooks published. Politician, ran for office many times since 2000. Leader American Labor Party and Living Universal Basic Income. Phd in Philosophy Buddhist Studies.
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